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Growing up on Bowen Island, a small isle in the Pacific Northwest off the coast of Vancouver, BC, I was raised with wild forests as my backyard and playground. I’ve always had a passion for plants and botany: as a toddler I could be found gleefully stealing flowers and wandering around trying to learn the botanical names of plants. This passion has stayed with me. As I’ve grown and matured, it continues to foster a deep appreciation for nature's innate healing vibes.

Underwhelmed by the number of mainstream beauty companies selling products marketing ingredients filled out and watered down with unpronounceable additives, I sought out to create products brimming with potent, healthful skin foods. My strong desire for quality, beneficial ingredients that align with what we put on and in our bodies has also helped shaped the direction of Ritual.

Using self-taught knowledge of botanicals and oils based in herbalism and traditional healing methods, I strive to create natural skin potions whose ingredients are fresh, non-toxic, and filler-free.

As a womxn of colour, I've personally struggled to find non-toxic skincare that both addresses my skin tone and caters to the skin issues that affect it, such as hyperpigmentation, discolouration, scarring and acne. This has informed how I formulate Ritual products. Every product is effective, gentle, natural, nourishing for use on every skin tone and type, while always keeping folks of colour's needs in mind.

 It's my hope that these thoughtfully created potions will help support your skin's healing and glow-up, while also facilitating a deeper connection with your body.

With love,

Sachiell Ricketts